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Lisa Lauchlan

Crystal Heart Therapy and Mentoring

Love Guru and Intuitive Healer

Relationships can be an amazingly uplifting and healing, yet paradoxically they can also be a deeply painful and wounding experience.    Love is an emotion that is intrinsically linked to our brain chemistry, our physical health and overall emotional and physical wellbeing. 

We all need guidance for such an important aspect of our lives.


​TOOLS: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and EFT Tapping to relieve stress and negative energy, Crystals to ground and channel positive energy.   


My natural intuitive nature along with a genuine empathy for anyone who is suffering from heartache, and loneliness led me to pursue a formal education in counselling as well as an informal meta-study through various books and educational platforms pertaining to love relationships. 

I eventually saw some consistent patterns emerge and I began to understand what drove some people to fall in love and others to flee.

 Why some relationships are destined to fail, and others thrive. 

What keeps some people stuck in the wrong relationships, and others unable to maintain a relationship.

Having said that, we are all unique individuals with our own psychological experiences, and value systems, I help guide people to better understand themselves and this can dramatically improve their love experience. 

 Meeting and choosing the right mate can be easier with a love mentor to guide you and help you follow your healthy intuition rather than any old negative belief systems or patterns that no longer serve you.

A love mentor will help ensure that a love connection flourishes and grows, by offering you tools to communicate your needs and feelings, as well as methods to defuse moments of conflict with equanimity and love.

An easier path to finding love, healing from love lost and keeping love.
~ Lisa Lauchlan

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