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Crystal Heart Therapy - The Name

Updated: May 18, 2023

How the name Crystal Heart Therapy came to be…

If you read my previous blog on the perils of magical thinking, you might be wondering why I chose the name Crystal Heart Therapy. How can I be warning against over trusting your soul-mate finding intuition, or putting too much faith in mystical theurgy in one blog, and think crystals are thing a ting in the next?

Excellent question! Let me explain that paradox.

Humans have an ongoing internal dialogue, an inside voice if you will. That inside voice is influenced by past experiences, ego, belief systems and how we feel about ourselves and our environment. Our conscious inside voice, the one we are aware of, typically helps us navigate our lives with some positive thoughts. If our psyche is damaged, and its hard to be human without some psychological bumps and bruises, our internal dialogue might unconsciously turn against us. Those negative internal dialogues are often not factual and turn into anxiety boogey men. " I am not good enough, I will never find love, my mother/ father or so and so was right about me being this and that" Sometimes the ID or super-ego will highjack our unconscious mind with, I need to show my friends and/or family I am a success by having this kind of person as a partner or drive this car and any other superficial concept that keeps us from being our best balanced self. The overreaching unrealistic ego based thoughts sabotage our happiness.

Often, if mental boogeymen are left unchecked, a protective shield might be activated. That’s when people are susceptible to falling into the magical thinking trap that turns to the esoteric or unexplained to begin a false soothing narrative about wish fulfillment, AKA magical thinking. That’s why people tend to pray to any deity they favour more when in emotional stress. Hope and faith were actually designed to help us ride out some hard emotional times, but like an over dependence on depression and anxiety medications without therapy, they can also leave us stuck and dependant and pathologically lying to ourselves.

This is not to be confused with positive thinking. Magical thinking is more of a willful naivety, positive self talk is real and encouraging. A good love coach, wise dating mentor, therapist or counsellor will help with the nuances between the two and give life changing clarity to our thoughts, psychological health and relationship goal setting.

I view crystals as pretty, positive talismans. Lovely earth minerals that encourage mental focus and to remind us to stay on track.

There is a theory that minerals and crystals ground us. Being grounded means reconnecting to your physical reality. That is the opposite of negative magical thinking. Feeling ungrounded usually means feeling lethargic or anxious, indecisive, and drained.

Wearing or holding a crystal is at the very least a good physical reminder to your intentions, even if that is only to stay positive of in the present moment.

I first discovered beautiful pink quartz when I was eight years old. Our family was vacationing in a cottage by a lake. I was struggling with a bit of a bruised psyche, although I was too young to understand it or articulate it at the time. My home life could at times be tumultuous. My mother had mood swings. She could be loving one moment, and without warning at warp speed have a histrionic fit that included shouting, the stamping of feet and sometimes name calling. The beginning of a pain body in my young psyche had started to emerge.

On one such capricious mom moment, I left the cottage in a rush, screen door slapping behind me and began walking towards the lake. There was an escarpment down the sandy path, and I saw something glinting in the sun from the corner of my eye. I walked towards it and saw a bit of pink in the sandy soil. I brushed at it with my fingers, and it revealed a big wedge of pink quartz. I went to the house and got the hand broom by the porch and started to brush the earth away from the quartz. I ended up with 4 big rough crystals that barely fit in my small palm. When I held them in my hand, I felt a calmness flow through me like a gentle tide.

I cleaned the crystals and kept one under my pillow, my mother didn’t seem to mind, she smiled said it was beautiful and a good find.

Later in my late teens, I ended up giving my other 3 crystal quartz pieces away to friends who were weathering some heavy emotional issues at home as well.

All three felt their crystals helped them feel better, it seemed to sooth and calm them as well. I am aware of the potentiality for a placebo effect, either way, a placebo effect is a real effect on the psyche.

Today I have a little collection of stones and crystals. I will probably never be able to deny or confirm their true effects, but like a posted note, they are nice reminders to keep a positive flow of thoughts and to help change our low energy mind sets when needed.

When I first started to notice I had a talent and passion for listening and giving sound advice to friends that had anything from small to profoundly wounding grievances when navigating the tricky waters of love, with my intuitive guidance, I would gift them with a smooth heart shaped stone or crystal. Years later I still hear from my first non-official clients, they unanimously say that the crystals helped them shift their thinking, and calm their ruminating thoughts at night, and more peace of mind during the day while they healed their hearts.

Some friends passed the heart gifts onto others who needed them, paying the crystal hearts forward.

The magic may well only be in reminding our subconscious minds to move out of a negative mind set that does not benefit us, but maybe that is a bit of magic in its self. Either way, from my deep affinity to earth minerals and through my genuine desire to help those with broken hearts, grieving from love lost or shattered dreams with a loved one the name Crystal Heart Therapy was born.

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