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Pamela Anderson~A Classic Case of Love Addiction

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

The Pamela Anderson documentary popped up on my Netflix watch list last month.

I resisted watching, prejudging it as probably being vapid.

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised at her openness, vulnerability and authenticity.

She did not have the special lighting or stage make up I would have expected. She talked unapologetically about her many marriages and declared herself a love addict.

She was able to be open about her life challenges whilst remaining positive and adamant about not being a victim. I am quite sure I would enjoy having a coffee with her.

The mention of love addiction prompted me to write this post.

Love addiction is a subject I am especially interested in. It is one of the niches I want to highlight in my counselling.

What is love addiction? Behavioural experts believe that any nonsubstance related entities or behaviours that stimulate and lead to obsessive thoughts can be considered an addiction. Yet, it is not listed in the DSM ( Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders), and it ought to be. If you think of

all the feel-good chemicals that flood your brain while flirting, bonding, having sex it makes perfect sense.

Neurotransmitters and neuropeptides such as dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin are being produced and that’s a very powerful cocktail. It is one that is especially powerful and at risks of becoming addictive if there has been emotional trauma, or bonding issues during childhood.

How to identify a love addiction:

Often love addiction is a source of ongoing drama and emotional despair. It is also characterized by intense highs and lows. Quick, reckless decision making or a succession of a perpetual state of limerence that is transferred from one unrequited love interest to another. Much like substance abuse, lov

e addiction can have a terrible impact on other aspects of a person’s life. Such as taking focus away from career, education or work, sometimes interfering with parenting, and other family responsibilities.

Love addiction wounds deeply. It hurts those who fall too quickly. Sometimes they are left having to put little gravestones on their dreams of a happy life with a love interest that was chosen too hastily or staying up at night feeling abandoned and rejected while ruminating thoughts peck at their self-worth.

Pam Anderson has a high-low kind of love addiction. This leaves a trail of hurt people in the love addicts wake. High-low love addicts are characterized by a feeling of restlessness and vague discontent. Once

normal happy love settles in the high-low love addict quickly become restless and will be detached emotionally as the love rush has ebbed, they need that high again. Typically, they jump from one relationship to another to avoid feeling alone or to absorb any pain from the previous relationship. There is no learning or self-awareness during this process, just pain and avoidance.

Pam described her high-low love addiction perfectly by saying this after breaking Kid Rocks heart “I didn’t feel like this was love because I have an impression of what it is. I just didn’t feel the high or that frenzy I was used to.”

She also said she loved Bad boys, revealing that she craved the high accompanied with drama, this also conveniently gives a love addict an escape route when the love buzz fades. She also had the typical habit of moving quickly from one love to another. This was perfectly depicted when she said “I was supposed to meet Kelly Slater’s family that night and had to call him to tell him I had married Tommy Lee, that was hard.”

A high-low love addict is likely to say breezy, un-meaningful things like “The heart wants what the heart wants”.

They are not typically deliberately hurtful, just unaware.

There are a lot of people out there dating with varying degrees of love chemical addictions. Therapy can be life changing to help people make better decisions and feel the high of self love.

Wishing you all a blissful, peaceful heart.

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